Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free Humiliation Assignment For Submissive Males

Happy #HumpDay losers!  It's not very often that I give out anything free, it's actually unheard of!  But today I'm feeling generous.  I want all of My good boys and slave's to complete this task and any other lurkers who want to do it can as well.

Clear your schedule's today wankers because you will be edging for Me ALL DAY!  Teasing your worthless cocks is something that I love to do.  My power over you is immense and just by the flick of My gorgeous long locks, the evil grin on My face or one stare at My perfect cleavage will have your brain turned to mush in seconds.

The task for today is that you edge 3 times an hour for 8 hours straight.  If you are at work then you will be making 3 trips to the bathroom today for the whole day or keeping your office door locked all day so that you can complete this task.  There is tons of jerking material on My website so sniff around and find it all.  you are also allowed to buy My clips of course at My NiteFlirt Store or by Goody Bags.

The humiliation part of this task is fairly simple.  you are to write "Goddess Bree" on your cock or body and take a picture that you are completing My edging task.  And submitting it to Me through email:

Good luck losers and enjoy your free humiliation assignment.  your balls are going to be purple by the end of eight hours and you will be begging for release.  But for that to happen you all know that you are going to have to ask permission from Moi!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome To BROKEville!

My hot, new goody bag available on NiteFlirt!  Click the button, buy it and welcome to BROKEville!

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I LOVE it when you are living in BROKEville.  I run the place and you pay to live there. Your savings are MINE. Enjoy your stay while it lasts.  You can be evicted anytime I want.  A hot new Goody Bag on NiteFlirt for you all of you Goddess Bree addicts.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Relieving You Of Your Hard Earned Money

I've just graced you with a brand new goody bag on NiteFlirt!  A seductive and sadistic MP3 of Me manipulating you in My bratty tone to fork over all of that cold hard cash.  Financial Domination feels so good when it's done under the divine control of Goddess Bree and you will be begging by the end of this audio recording for Me to take it all.  All of those crisp bills sliding out of your wallet right into My perfectly manicured hands.  The way I tease and taunt you with My seductive silky voice is just too much to bare.  You need to pay, you dream of paying, it is engrained in you to pay tribute to the one and only Goddess Bree.  Click below to submit to Me fully with your mind, body, soul and of course your wallet.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Goody Bags Now Available On NiteFlirt

Get excited boys!  NiteFlirt is now offering a brand new feature called Goody Bags!  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to start browsing all of My goody's.  I am currently in the process of adding a ton of new one's as well as My PTV's that I have already had for sale.  Every single one is heart stopping, dick hardening and will make you bow before My perfection.  So get clicking!  Some of the fetishes that are in these goody bags are Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Cleavage Worship, BBW Goddess Worship, Tributes, Chastity, Keyholding, Assignments, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instructions and much more.

Just another way for you Goddess Bree addicts to get your daily fix.  And the perfect way for you losers to get to know Me and what type of Dominatrix I am.  So what are you waiting for ... crawl over to My Goody Bag Store and start clicking and paying.  If you are new to NiteFlirt and don't have an account CLICK HERE to get started.  When you join by using My referral link you get 3 free minutes to call Me and I get a nice bonus for you signing up.  All the more reason to get started.  It's a win win!

Here are some of My latest Goody's that I have added to My store.  Get on your knees and start jerking it for your Goddess!

Worship My Curves

You always want what you can't have ... isn't that right wanker?  You just sit there night after night, wanking away at My pictures, My videos and My devious words that I have written.  No girl would ever fuck you, why would they waste there time.  That insignificant piece of flesh between your legs is useless and all that you can do is get relief by staring at My perfection.  I am your addiction, My curves keep you entranced and you are absolutely weak for My curves. And you are lucky that I even give you the privilege to stroke to My sexy curves, My voluptuous body and My perfect Goddess breasts.  Get on your knees and pay homage to Goddess Bree! 

In this clip: BBW Worship, Goddess Worship, Bratty Teasing, Cuckolding, Humiliation, Body Worship, Curves, Cleavage Worship, Financial Domination 

Clip was filmed in High Definition 1080p

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Foot Worshiping Heaven

This goody bag is a foot freak's heaven!  7 stunning pictures of My Perfect feet will have you on your knees and drooling ... you'll be begging to kiss them perv!  7 crystal clear images for you to Worship.

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Slave Application

Craving to be under the control of Goddess Bree?  Aching to worship Me and serve Me?  Fill out My slave application to find out if you will be worthy enough to serve Me!  Apply NOW!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Goddess = Rewards

I must say that those of you who are serving Me right now, who are owned by Me or under consideration to serve Me have pleased Me this week.  And that’s what it’s all about minons, isn’t it?  Pleasing Me, serving Me and adoring Me are the 3 main keys to keeping your BBW Goddess happy!

And since all My slaves and good boys have kept Me happy I have put together a little treat for you!  It’s simple really, keep Me happy with tributes, gift cards and cold hard cash and you get rewarded.  This reward was send via Niteflirt mail to all My boys that are on My customer list.  So if you`re not on My list I suggest you go ahead and buy something, call Me or tribute Me so that you are.  That way in the future you will receive rewards from your Superior Goddess.

So grab your lube, reach in your pants, grab that pathetic insignificant cock and jerk away.  And just as you get to the edge, right there in your total Goddess Bree hypnotic state … grab your balls and squeeze.  No cumming for you, that has to be earned by doing special tasks for your Goddess.  Enjoy your wankfest followed by a ruined orgasm courtesy of Moi!  you welcome!

I’ve decided that after a ton of feedback and begging that I will be making at least 2 more fag aerobics class MP3 pay to views for you aspiring sissys, cocksuckers and twinks!  you all loved the first one and are dying for more classes … remember to stretch first!  If you haven’t bought the first fag aerobics class yet, go buy it!  It is really quite epic.

 Phone lines are on tonight … take advantage bitches!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

I’ll leave you weak, addicted losers with some hot gifts that were bought off My wishlist by a pathetic weakling trying to get My attention.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spend Easter Weekend Worshiping Your Favourite BBW Goddess

Happy Easter weekend fuckwits!  your whole weekend should be spent pining over Me, spending all your hard earned cash on Me and hand humping that disgusting piece of flesh while watching all My clips and worshiping Me over and over again by buying up all My content at My store.  I mean, what else do you have to do?  I am the single most important thing in your miserable excuse of an existence.

A must for this holiday weekend is to buy My new Easter Egg Hunt on NiteFlirt.  And since it is 420 today as well, smoke up and start clicking My little hand humping bunnies.  #happy420  Inside this pay to view is 4 golden eggs, some are rewards for you and other's benefit ME.  So it's a win-win for you.  you get to make Me happy and also get rewards.   Happy hunting bitches!

I have had so many of you tiny dicked losers calling Me lately and each and every call is fucking hilarious.  I can't believe that your wives actually stay with you and what you're packing, which is NOTHING.  I even had one shrimp dick beg Me for him to get on cam for Me and show Me what he's not working with.  After I got a few nice gift cards from him I actually let him show Me his lack of manhood.  I guess small penis humiliation was the theme for the past week.  So as a task for this week all of My slaves, male submissives and even you lurkers go and pay your small penis tax!  If your dicklet is 5 inches and below it is imperative that you pay this tax.  LOL  That small piece of flesh dangling between your legs is meaningless anyway so go do something that is worthwhile and benefits Me.  Click below to pay your small nob tax!

Good boys!  My phone lines will be on all night ... take advantage!  Pick up the phone, call Me and wish Me a Happy Easter the proper way ... with your cold hard cash!

Call Me on NiteFlirt
Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Here are a few tribute porn pictures from last week to keep you boys drooling over the fact that I get to spent and do whatever I want with your hard earned ca$h!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Boys Tribute

I love seeing you boys ache for Me, sacrificing everything you have just to have a taste of My perfection.  you really are lucky that I allow you to spend your cold hard cash on Me and you should be thanking Me daily for that privilege!  Before you read any further run along and show your thanks.

Click, Pay, Repeat

That feels better, doesn’t it bitch?  Feeling that money slip from your hands right into My perfectly manicured fingers … Yummy! *pets My good boys on the head in approval

Now as you know Easter is right around the corner and as a extra special Easter treat I have put together a pay to view just for this occasion.  See the image below with the golden eggs in the basket?  Click it!

Click to join My Easter Hunt!
Inside this pay to view are 4 golden eggs. Two of the eggs are rewards for My pets and two of the eggs are rewards for Me. So really it’s a win-win, isn’t it losers? you have the chance to get a reward and you get the privilege to do something for Me! Happy hunting bitches!

I haven’t been around a lot this past week, I’ve been extremely busy living My Goddess life.  Doing things that I want to do and it just wasn’t in the cards for Me being around for you needy bitches.  But from the countless and desperate emails I would say that you’ve missed your Goddess terribly.  Most of you have been mindlessly staring at pictures of My perfect BBW curves and watching My videos over and over again, stroking away.  Going into a Goddess Bree frenzy and even though I haven’t been around, My good boys have been sending their weekly tributes and shopping on My amazon wishlist!  I am a very pleased Goddess!

As you can see, My wishlist has a few new items on it that I want ASAP!  And as always I only accept Amazon Gift Cards which should be emailed to:

The top 6 items are fairly inexpensive and are to be bought right away.  Let’s see which one of you mindless stroking zombies can beat each other in the race to buy them up first.  Ready …. Set …. GO!

One lucky loser did however catch Me a couple of nights ago on Yahoo messenger.  he has had the privilege to buy My Pay To $troke videos before, but as most of you losers that come out of the wood work he paid dearly for his loser strokes and then poof he ran away to lick his wounds after I had thoroughly used and abused his wallet.  This loser had been drinking excessively all day and begged to tribute $50.  But he knows how dangerous it is to watch My videos because one look at My perfection and he just can’t help being a dumb drunk loser and blowing his entire wad for some loser strokes permitted by Me.  So with a drunk dick he asked just to tribute Me.  Ca Ching!  you really are easy prey loser!

I will be around all weekend taking calls on NiteFlirt so get your wallets ready, get your credit card limits increased and take advantage of Me actually allowing all of you contact with Me.  I might even be persuaded to go on cam for the right amount $$$

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Financial Domination Is The Name Of MY Game

It's the eve of My favorite day of the week!  And all you bottom feeders can guess which day is My favorite, right?  For those of you who just can't figure it out, then you haven't been paying close enough attention to My awesomeness.  Tomorrow is Friday and that means PAYDAY!  That's right, My favorite day of the week.  Most of you dorks have been waiting all week for this day, the day where you get the privilege to get on your knees and present that cold hard cash into My perfect hands.

And as a special treat, I am going to be around most of the day tomorrow taking calls on NiteFlirt!  So instead of you just paying your weekly tribute and then crawling off, let's make it interesting.  Pay your weekly tribute, call Me or message Me and I'll have you begging to pay extra!  And I know all the right buttons to press, how to make you feel so completely inferior that you will ache to pay.  That ache will start off very subtle and will grow minute by minute until you are begging for the chance to hand over more and more and MORE money $$$

That's a hot animation of Me playing with the money you worked so hard for!  Everyone of you knows that I have an extreme money fetish and your addiction for Financial Domination by Moi makes it even hotter taking all that is owed to Me.  So get that cash cock ready, get your pay cheque cashed and let's start My favorite day of the week off right!

I've also been generous and made two new Pay To Views on NiteFlirt!  The first one is My Chastity Questionnaire and the second one is called "Are you a sissy?"  Buy them both losers!

Do you dream of being locked up tight by a Superior Goddess such as Myself? Do you spend all your time wanking away and jerking that pathetic little prick? Answer all the questions in this questionnaire and let's see if your teeny tiny shrimp dick needs to be locked up by Me.
Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through

Do you dream of dressing in your cutest girly outfit? Of sucking long and hard on some big juicy cock? Do you feel the urge to wear a sexy panties daily? Take My sissy questionnaire to see if you have what it takes to be a true sissy slut for your Goddess.
Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hot New Chastity Clip - I Hold The Key

This clip has been on My to-do list for awhile now, but you all know that I am procrastinator so I'm just getting around to it now.  As you can see by the generous animation I have included above, this clip is HOT!  Shot in stunning High Definition 1080p and all of you little shrimp dick boys who dream of being locked up tight in chastity by Me will fall in love and in a trance as I tease and taunt you with the key to your chastity device.  Click the NiteFlirt button below to buy it!

Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through

I've allowed a couple of new boys to Worship Me this week.  My newest sissy faggot foot sniffer contacted Me last night.  she was dressed in her best, black panties, black pantyhose and black pumps and was craving for Me to force her to sniff My sweaty feet.  I had just got home from the gym so My feet were extra sweaty in My gym sneakers from having an intense workout.  So the lucky little faggot got her wish.

dirt bag pig has gone MIA again ... not that that's surprising.  he comes begging to be humiliated and degraded by Me and to Worship My heavenly feet and then when he has spent a considerable amount he runs  away with his tail between his legs, goes and licks his wounds.  But he'll be back, he always comes crawling back because he just can't stand to live his miserable life without Me and My perfect feet.  See you soon reject!

you boys have seriously been slacking with My wishlist this week.  I only received two presents this week and there is lots on there left to purchase.  So get busy boys and try to make an impression.  If you are a new boy trying to get into My good graces My wishlist is a perfect place to start!  I only accept gift cards, which you should all know by now.  And they are to be mailed to:

So start spending and buy your Goddess something nice!  Remember ... first impressions are key when properly introducing yourself!  Here are a few pictures that I graced your with on Twitter this week.  Chow for now dorks.

Wishlist present bought by???

My newest italian slave paid for My shopping spree this week!  Lots of goodies for Me!

Smokey Goddess eyes!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some Update About My Perfect Life

This blog post is WAY overdue!!  But since you boys have been made to wait that can only mean one thing … hard insignificant dicks and your wallets standing at attention!  Just how I like My weak submissive males.

This past week and a half has been extremely busy.  As most of you know I made a rare appearance on cam two weekends ago and I had so much fun raping wallets and teasing you boys into a mindfucking frenzy that I think I will be making an appearance at least once a month!  Maybe even twice a month if those wallets open up nice and wide!

One of My newer foot slaves (who hasn’t quite earned the privilege of being mentioned by name yet) had his very first cam session with Me.  It was a life changing event for him to say the least.  Foot slave got the honor to be teased almost into a coma by My strong, thick legs and creamy feet on cam.  And the best part was that it just so happened I was wearing his favourite shinny opaque pantyhose that night!  payslut got the honor of maxing out his credit card by opening up ever single pay to view I sent him while on cam with Me.  The expression on his face was priceless when he saw the zero’s increase each time! haha :0  payslut, being the eager little wanker he actually thought that if he paid enough I would let him cum #DENIED 

Here's a quick snapshot of Me on cam!  See what some of you missed out on.

Since My perfect feet are the hot topic right now, I decided to be generous and do a photo shoot of them.  All My foot fetish boys, foot slaves, foot junkies and just My boys who admire every inch of My Goddess body can buy that photoset.  Click then Buy Now button below!

Here's a little teazer of My amazing photoset!
I have been getting tons and TONS of applications to serve Me from you dorks lately.  you fucktards really need to read the rules before you apply.  I mean, how hard is that?  Read, obey and the submit.  Three simple things for you idiots to do and most of you manage to fuck it up every single time.  If you do not follow the easy rule of sending a tribute along with your application I will automatically delete your application.  I do not waste My time reading them if there aren’t $$$ signs along with it.

I will be shooting clips on Friday!  I know how much you love to buy and buy and buy My clips.  So far I think I will doing a Forced Intox clip, Blackmail Clip, Mind Control Clip, Keyholding Clip and of course a Tease & Denial Clip featuring My new dress that jerkoffjohn just bought off My wishlist.

I can't wait to slip this sexy outfit on so that I can tease you dorks!

If you would like to order a custom clip make sure you submit your request before Friday!  Send requests to:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Worship Cam Tonight!

That's right wallets!  you can't believe your eyes, can you?  It is very rare and an extra special treat when I decide to go on cam and when this happens that means that you move your ass and crawl very quickly to Me!  The only time I get on cam is usually for a nice fat sum of money, but I'm in the middle of an ice storm, bored and feeling generous.  Now if you've never called My Worship Cam before read below:

I use this phone & cam listing for two purposes ONLY!  For Financial Domination: I will make you so incredibly weak that you will be begging to hand over all that hard earned cash. And for Foot Worship: My perfect feet will have you on your knees foot bitches begging to worship them.  But these two purposes of My webcam listing tie in together because I am a Greedy Goddess.  When you call this line you must be here to submit with your wallet either way.

Worship Cam Rules

1.) I am Dominant and therefore I call the shots!

2.) I do NOT get naked EVER! Got that, don't even ask.  I am a Goddess and am to be treated with respect and adoration.

3.) If you have a webcam you are EXPECTED to get on cam as well.  No excuses. you are here for My entertainment.

4.) you MUST buy My Skype ID to call this listing.  Click the skype button below to do that.  And then click the call button to connect to Me on cam via Niteflirt.

Buy My Skype ID

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Irresistible Is An Understatement

This past week a weak, addicted and all around pathetic pig that had served Me for over a year and then decided to take a "break" came crawling back.  I have made this fucktard keep a blog pretty much from the start of it's servitude to Me and I thought I'd share it with all you nitwits.  Here's it's most recent blog post on how an addiction to Me is an addiction for LIFE!  Happy reading slaves!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rising Urges

I had given up on Goddess Bree. I had finally kicked the addiction. My wallet was fatter. My life was great. I was free.  I was connecting with my wife. I was enjoying time with my family. Being free of my addiction was amazing. I was normal.  I couldn't believe it.   I had easily spent several thousand on Goddess Bree. $10-$25 per picture plus tons of niteflirt calls.
I decided that I needed to stop and I did. For several months, I did not even think about Goddess Bree. Not once did her perfect feet cross my mind. Not once did I tie up my balls and punch them. Not once did I pay money to be abused. I was so happy.

Then... I decided to check an old email account that I hadn't checked in months. And I saw it. A post from GOD Bree. The urges came back. The rush returned.  I couldn't believe it. I immediately started a new twitter. Before you know it I was back on Niteflirt paying for pics. Now GOD Bree does Skype. No clue what that will do, but it will be bad.

I am back to square one. Totally addicted and paying GOD for abuse and debasement. I love it. 


To read more about dirtbag pig's life of Servitude to Me CLICK HERE

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest 2014

It's exactly one week until Valentine's Day bitches!  And this year I'm running a contest again.  A little different than last year though, you all remember last year's contest right?  Where you had to write a poem about Moi and send a tribute with it.  And the dork with the best poem all about Me received a custom photo.  The contest was more than a hit to say the least and the winner got a dick stiffening, heart stopping photo of Me as their prize.  Let's just say they were more than thankful!  *giggle*

This year, let's set the stakes a little bit higher!  you all know how I love to ante up the stakes, don't you?

The contest for this year is really quite simple.  From now, until Valentine's Day the boy that has tributed the most will be the winner.  Buying My photos, videos and pay to views doesn't count towards the contest, only tributes and amazon gift cards do.  The boy that has tributed the most from now until February 14th will get the prize.  Want to know what that prize is?

The winner will receive a custom video from Me.  I know ... it's really earth shattering , isn't it.  Remember to include your name in the tribute each and every time.  If I don't know who it's from then it won't be tallied up.  Spend often and spend HARD boys!  And may the best loser win!

On your marks, get set ..... 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Pay To Views For My Jerk Off Losers To Stroke To

There are so many ways that I have complete and TOTAL power over you weak minded males!  Either through My Heavenly voice or just words typed up on the computer.  Every single thing I do affects you and your addicted brain goes on automatic pilot whenever you witness one of My divine wonders.

I have been a very busy Goddess this past week.  I have taken time out of My privileged life and made 2 new MP3's and 2 new Pay To View's on NiteFlirt.  Lucky stroke addicts!  Buy them all weaklings!

Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through
Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through