Sunday, July 30, 2017

*NEW* Mean Bikini Game

It’s summer and that means that Goddess has a brand new bikini on to tease the fuck out of you.  This cute little blue bikini with white polka dots on it hugs My curves in just the right places and leaves you wanting more and MORE photos of Me!  So I decided to grace you with a brand new game that includes photos of Me in My new bikini!  This brand new Mean Bikini Game has 9 levels for you to stroke through.  All photos inside of the pay to views are captioned, as well as little tasks and instructions written in text for you junkie jerkers.  This game is completely addicting and I will have that cock conditioned to follow My orders from now on.  And you’ll find out why I've called this Mean Bikini very soon.  Click the buy now button or the photo to start!

Mean Bikini Game

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This game includes:  BBW, Goddess Worship, Femdom, Captioned Photos, Humiliation, Cock Control, Stroking Control, Edging and soooo much more!  Mean Bikini can ONLY be purchased through Niteflirt.  So if you haven't signed up for it yet, I suggest you do by clicking HERE.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday Night Goddess Worship

you're insignificant cocks are so sore today, aren't they?  All that Friday Night Goddess Worship really put you dorks into a stroking frenzy!  Haha!  It's been ages since I've taken any calls on NiteFlirt, but as soon as I turned on My phone lines you were all eagerly waiting.  But to be fair, I've been teasing the fuck out of you dorks this week!  My hot new MP3 audio, First Glory Hole Experience, has swallowed you sissy's whole and spit you back out.

Actually, that was the main topic last night for all My eager sissy's.  If you haven't bought it yet ... do it NOW by clicking HERE.  I want this goody bag to be on the top-selling list for this week.  And Goddess Bree always get's what She wants.  Don't forget to leave Me feedback ... let all the other sissy whore's know how much you loved this goody bag!

Besides all the endless cock sucking training I graced My sissy gurl's with last night, Financial Domination was a HOT topic.  And you know that nothing makes My panties wetter than when you spend hard!  I even had some new sub's testing the waters on My Financial Domination Line!  Delicious! At a sexy $3.50 per minute, amazon gift cards flowing into My account.  When I went to bed last night I was feeling satisfied, which doesn't happen very often.

Here's some tribute porn to keep My spending junkies horny to give Me their cash!

Most of the gifts I've received this week are from sissy suzette and I can't really remember who else sent gift cards.  It's not important ... what's important is that you spent hard and got Me everything I desired!  So all of you drone's with your dicklette's in your hand stroking right now to the gifts I received ... FOLLOW SUIT!  I am ONLY accepting gift cards now.  Click ... Pay ... Stroke ... Repeat!

Amazon gift cards are to be sent to My email:

I'm going to slip on that delicious bikini today and get out in the sun!  I may even turn on My Niteflirt phone lines again and I know you'll be eagerly waiting to hear Goddess's voice.

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Friday, July 7, 2017

Dangerous New Pay To View Game Now Available On NiteFlirt

I have a dangerous new pay to view game now available on NiteFlirt for My stroking zombies!  *WARNING* Stroke That Ca$h Cock For Goddess Bree is highly addictive and will leave you conditioned to stroke and pay again and again and AGAIN!

For a meagre $5 you can begin playing Stroke That Ca$h Cock For Goddess Bree ... what could go wrong?  Oh so much can go wrong!  you can't think properly when you see a stunning photo of Goddess Bree.  your insignificant cock stands at attention and all you can think about is paying for those loser strokes.  That's why I call your little cocklette a "cash cock".  Because every single stroke you take means more money deposited right in My account!  All of the photos in this game are brand new of your Goddess ... never seen before!  Click the button below and start your weekend off right by clicking and paying.

Dangerous New Pay To View Game:
Stroke That Ca$h Cock For Goddess Bree

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Over $1k Of Draining

It didn't take long at all for Me to start receiving tributes, calls and adoring e-mail's after I sent out a special Niteflirt message to you losers stating that I was back and ready to make an impact on your meaningless lives.  If the lurkers on My blog haven't gotten a Niteflirt account yet then you're missing out on all the details of Me and My perfect life.  Sign up HERE and you'll receive 3 minutes free of talk time with Me, but that's the only thing that you'll receive free!

As I was saying though ... the e-mail's poured in within seconds!  you dorks really did miss Me controlling you.  Now, I don't write about just anything on here ... you have to make a really big impact as a slave to earn a spot on My blog.  And only one of you earned that spot so far this week and her name is sissy slut!

This slutty sissy came crawling to Me mere seconds after My e-mail was sent out on Niteflirt begging to be drained by Me!  


Begging and pleading to be My good little sissy again, but this time she wanted to be fully owned by Me.  To have TOTAL control over her life and paycheck!  And luckily I was in the mood to make My bank account grow at her expense.

After buying many, MANY pay to view mails and sissy slut handing over all the juicy information I know own her sissy ass!  I have all the power and she is at My mercy.  sissy slut went right to work that night buying up a large chunk of My Goody Bags while I slept and kept begging for Me to take more of her paycheck the next day.  Ending off with a lovely $100 tribute for Me and My alpha male to go to supper!

Now drained and penniless until next pay, sissy slut is happy to be owned by Me and serving Me again.  And the grand total for about 24 hours of being drained by Me is ...

Over $1k

I believe the exact total is $1, 300 dollars into My back account!  Good gurl!

If you have the intense urge to be owned by BBW Goddess Bree and love Financial Domination then go ahead and introduce yourself!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Be sure to follow Me on Twitter as well dorks, I always have lots of updates on there!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Get Your Mind Blown & Your Dick Hard By My New Hot Selfies

It's so easy for Me ... truly it is.  

To have you weak minded males dangling at My finger tips, hanging on to every entrancing word that comes out of My perfect mouth.  you're like putty in My perfectly manicured hands that I like to squish around and stomp all over!

So it's definitely time for some new BAIT for My marathon strokers.

Oh this is going to be good! 

I have very generously took some stunning selfies of My gorgeous BBW goddess self.  See the images below ... all you have to do is ...

Stroke & Click Them

Hot Selfie #1
Hot Selfie #2
Hot Selfie #3
Hot Selfie #4

There you go My little stroking zombies ... looks like you'll be covering yourself in loser cum all day today!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bend Over boys ... I'm Back!


Hello My slaves!  It has been a whopping 1 year and 11 months since I have last posted on this blog ... actually it's been that long since I've actively been using and abusing you guys.  

Did you miss me?? 

Where have I been you ask?  Well that's really none of your fucking business, but I'm in a good mood today so I'll give you a brief snippet of the last almost 2 years of My Goddess life.

So what have I been up to?  Well ... I've been out living My life on your dime of course!  My most loyal and obedient slaves have gotten the privilege to keep in touch with me and of course be used thoroughly throughout this time.  I've done a lot of traveling, laid on beautiful beaches and of just lived the Goddess life that I am supposed to.

But lucky for you drooling pervs I am back!  My Niteflirt phone lines are on and I am ready to pick right up where I left off.  And I am going to enjoy every last second of trampling on your dignity and mind fucking you into oblivion.  

How can a slave get My attention??

It's easy really ... get your disgusting dork dick hard ... send a nice big tribute to introduce yourself ... stroke ... go and buy up some of my videos, photo sets, audios and assignments ... stroke some more while browsing those ... go to My Niteflirt page ... stroke ... and call Me!  

For you idiots who find it really difficult to find all of these tasks follow the instructions below by clicking the buttons.

Get ready ... set ... GO!

Tribute Goddess Bree

 Go buy videos, picture sets, audios and assignments by visiting My Pay To View Store!

Now call Me with your dork dick in your hand!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

That cash cock is going to get so hard just knowing you get the privilege to pay to speak to a Superior BBW Goddess like Me! 

Stay glued to this blog for some upcoming new Goody Bags.

Bye dorks! 💰