The most important question that a submissive should ALWAYS ask themselves is:
"What Have I Done For Goddess Bree Today?"
It's ALWAYS all about Me!  I am your first and MOST IMPORTANT priority.  you should already know this fucktard.  Being a BBW Goddess with a Fetish for Financial Domination, I, of course, love and deserve the finer things in life!  And why should I spend My money?  That's your job piggy!  The fact that you get the honor and the privilege to gaze at My Heavenly Self is reason enough that you should do something for your Goddess.

There are a couple of different ways that you may beg for My attention piglets ... try your absolute hardest and we'll see if what you have to offer sparks My interest!

Option #1
I love gifts and expect to be showered with them.  Go study My Wishlist and pick out something extra special for Me.  The one and ONLY way to buy Me something from Amazon is to send Me gift cards.  They are to be sent to:

I always keep My Wishlist updated with everything I want and desire!  Since I am in Canadian you, of course, are going to spend more to ship My gifts to Me.  Money well spent, right loser?  And if you spend a considerable amount on Me you might even get the divine opportunity to pay a fee to watch an exclusive video of Me opening up the packages you've sent Me.  That makes you ca$h cock hard, doesn't it?  A stunning Goddess opening up the packages you've bought out of your hard earned money.  The more you buy and $pend on Me, the harder your piggy cock will get!  Because there is nothing sexier then spending your pay cheque on Me!

Option #2
The other way you can get My attention is to Tribute Me.  Cold, hard cash makes Me happy!  And you will learn that the only thing in life that matters is that I'm happy.  Click below to Tribute Me through Niteflirt. 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week My Goddess ATM machine will be taking your credit card and shredding it into tiny little pieces!  All you have to do is simply Tribute. 

Good boy!