Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest 2014

It's exactly one week until Valentine's Day bitches!  And this year I'm running a contest again.  A little different than last year though, you all remember last year's contest right?  Where you had to write a poem about Moi and send a tribute with it.  And the dork with the best poem all about Me received a custom photo.  The contest was more than a hit to say the least and the winner got a dick stiffening, heart stopping photo of Me as their prize.  Let's just say they were more than thankful!  *giggle*

This year, let's set the stakes a little bit higher!  you all know how I love to ante up the stakes, don't you?

The contest for this year is really quite simple.  From now, until Valentine's Day the boy that has tributed the most will be the winner.  Buying My photos, videos and pay to views doesn't count towards the contest, only tributes and amazon gift cards do.  The boy that has tributed the most from now until February 14th will get the prize.  Want to know what that prize is?

The winner will receive a custom video from Me.  I know ... it's really earth shattering , isn't it.  Remember to include your name in the tribute each and every time.  If I don't know who it's from then it won't be tallied up.  Spend often and spend HARD boys!  And may the best loser win!

On your marks, get set ..... 

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