This is just some of the feedback I have gotten from you losers on NiteFlirt, all 5 Star feedback of course!

“Goddess Bree, Thank You for allowing me to kiss Your beautiful ass!”
“I am obsessed with Goddess Bree and I have only known about Her for a
few hours. I can’t stop thinking about her.”
“Thank You for allowing me the honor of purchasing a gift card. I was rock
hard as I was putting in my credit card info.”
“I am a dumb pig edging all day for Goddess Bree”
“This worthless pig wishes it was rich. It needs more pics of Goddess Bree’s
perfect feet. It has never seen more beautiful toes. Thank You for taking its
money Perfect Goddess Bree”
“I am hopelessly weak for Goddess Bree”
“Love the names she calls me. Pure degradation.”
“Totally addicted”
“Stroking and edging to perfection.”
“Goddess Bree ALWAYS comes first. Goddess Bree ALWAYS wins”
“Addiction never felt so good”
“Thank You for keeping me addicted. I am not worthy.”
“i love my Goddess”
“I will beg, I will plead. I will be a good employee at The Bank of Bree.”
“Oink! Oink, Oink!  I am a dumb worthless pig loser reject. ”
“I work to please Her.  my purpose is to suffer and pay and
suffer and pay and suffer and pay.  Thank You my Goddess”
“Humiliated and degraded by perfection”
“I worship the holy Ground Goddess walks on.”
“Goddess Bree owns me”
“Goddess Bree’s feet are 100x better than sex with my stupid wife.”
“She laughs at my addiction and takes advantage of it. I love worshipping
“I am a dumb reject of a pig that is on my knees with my credit card in my
loser pig mouth.”