Friday, May 24, 2013

Bend Over boys!

It's Friday My little wallet pervs!  And you know what that means ... cashing in that pay cheque and $pending it on Me!  So get busy and do what you were born to do .... $PEND! 

I have had a fantastic week!  Getting My garden ready for planting (when it wasn't raining), going out with My Girlfriend's shopping (with your money of course Free Smilies courtesy of ), My neighbor even begged hard enough with gifts and got the chance to rub My Perfect feet and of course I have been using and abusing My wallet pervs in between.  I even had time to sit down and learn some new songs on the guitar, which is one of My favorite past times! 

But since it is Friday and your work week is winding down ... what are you going to do with your whole weekend?  The right answer is, "Spend the whole weekend Worshiping you Goddess!"  Good boys!  And it's your lucky weekend because I am going to have My Niteflirt lines on all weekend.  Bend over boys Smiley and get ready for a weekend that is all about Me reaching right into your wallet and taking what is rightfully MINE!  For all of My international wankers who are outside of Canada and the U.S. remember that Niteflirt now supports international calling.  Charge up those phones, fill up your Niteflirt account and I'll be cracking My whip.Smiley

Financial Domination Line
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Here's a few pics from this week!


I also have a brand new Humiliation Series I have put together in a PTV.  7 Days of Humiliating Jerk Off Challenges!  My Heavenly voice guiding your through 7 of the most humiliating tasks throughout the week ... hahaha!  It really is hilarious for Me!  Go buy it! 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Under My Thumb, Just Where I Want you

The weather has been less than appealing to Me lately.  Rain, cold temperatures, fog and MORE rain ... blah!  All this crappy weather puts Me in a cranky mood and who do I take it out on ... you dorks of course!  And there is only one way that you can even hope of putting a smile on My face and that’s with your wallets empty and all that dough sitting nicely in My perfectly manicured hands.  SmileySo take your hand off your cock and press the button wallet pervs!

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I have three new piglets under consideration to Serve Me.  All of them came crawling to Me on their hands and knees begging for the chance.  And only two of them are ACTUALLY prepared to suffer, sacrifice and pay tribute to My Perfection.    You see, when you actually are given the chance to be under consideration to Serve Me, that’s the time where you put your wallet where your mouth is, no pun intended.  I have made it very clear on all of My websites and blog’s that I am Demanding, Insatiable and Greedy.  I’ve really spelled it all out so that even the dumbest of pig’s can understand it.  So when I give you the chance to be put under consideration to Serve Me.  BE PREPARED!

Now, I know that not all of you wallets make the same kind of moolah.  It’s not about if you make $200,000 a year or $20,000 a year … it’s about how you empty your wallet when you are on your knees in front of Me!  your brain should be focused on one thing and one thing only, submitting to Me with cold hard cash.  Because in My eyes you are nothing but I wallet, which I love to use and abuse until you are completely spanked dry.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Phone Sex For International wankers


Get excited boys!  NiteFlirt has brought back international calling!  Now all of My weak, submissive males get the honor of getting bossed around by Me via My Hot, Superior Voice.  Who's going to be the first international wanker to call?  It might be called phone sex, but when Goddess Bree is on the other end of the line it's called getting fucked over!  Ca Ching!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation - Small Nob Tax

There is nothing more hilarious than you pathetic wankers with your tiny little dicklets.  And even though I get a good laugh and what you're lacking downstairs, the fact that you are so miniscule and pathetic means that you have to pay for your ... errr ... short cummings lol!  So for all you lurkers, Goddess Bree addicts and My pets who fall short in My world, which is any dicklet under 8 inches, you get the privilege of paying the $50 small nob tax. 
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So look down your pants and let's see if you measure up to My standards.  Along with your small nob tax I want a picture of your pathetic little dicklet, which are to be sent to My Niteflirt e-mail.  I am going to be putting up a special page, The Wall of Shame, on this website shortly.  So chop chop teeny, tiny weenies ... pay your tax and send in those hilarious pictures and let's see if you make the cut! 
For small penis humiliation (sph) over the phone with Moi you have permission to call Me.
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Chow for now minions!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Is National Masturbation Month

May is National Masturbation Month

 All you submissive males are chronic hand humpers anyway, but since May is National Masturbation Month ... grab your wallet in one hand and your piggy cock in the other and start paying and stroking!  your weakness is My gain! 

Financial Domination - Call, Stroke & Pay
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Extreme Financial Domination - A sexy $9.99 per minute

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