Sunday, February 16, 2014

Worship Cam Tonight!

That's right wallets!  you can't believe your eyes, can you?  It is very rare and an extra special treat when I decide to go on cam and when this happens that means that you move your ass and crawl very quickly to Me!  The only time I get on cam is usually for a nice fat sum of money, but I'm in the middle of an ice storm, bored and feeling generous.  Now if you've never called My Worship Cam before read below:

I use this phone & cam listing for two purposes ONLY!  For Financial Domination: I will make you so incredibly weak that you will be begging to hand over all that hard earned cash. And for Foot Worship: My perfect feet will have you on your knees foot bitches begging to worship them.  But these two purposes of My webcam listing tie in together because I am a Greedy Goddess.  When you call this line you must be here to submit with your wallet either way.

Worship Cam Rules

1.) I am Dominant and therefore I call the shots!

2.) I do NOT get naked EVER! Got that, don't even ask.  I am a Goddess and am to be treated with respect and adoration.

3.) If you have a webcam you are EXPECTED to get on cam as well.  No excuses. you are here for My entertainment.

4.) you MUST buy My Skype ID to call this listing.  Click the skype button below to do that.  And then click the call button to connect to Me on cam via Niteflirt.

Buy My Skype ID

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on


  1. thank you Goddess for letting me buy you presents while you teased my worthless piggy cock on cam tonight!!!!!!

  2. you'll have to be more specific anonymous ... there was a lot of presents being bought off My Wishlist last night.