1. The only way you will ever get a speck of attention from Me is if you tribute.  Money talks losers!  The correct and ONLY way to approach My Heavenly Self is to send a tribute before you even speak.
  2. I am a Goddess:  to be held Sacred and to be Worshiped!  So you will address Me as Goddess or Goddess Bree.  I DO NOT answer to Ma’am, Miss, Princess or Mistress.
  3. I am not here to entertain you, you are here to entertain Me with your wallet!
  4. When I ask you a question, your reply is to be quick and prompt.
  5. Be respectful.
  6. There’s nothing I love more then hearing you beg Me to spank your wallet dry!  So that means, on your knees and start begging.  Beg to $pend all that hard earned dough on Me!
  7. I do not do free chat EVER … so if you’re a time waster don’t even bother.
  8. I am only interested in well mannered, obedient money slaves.  I choose who I allow to Serve Me in My Goddess Realm.
  9. It is up to you to let Me know what your hard limits are and what fetishes you have experienced before.
  10.  First impressions are vital in My eyes!  So get your credit card out and start $pending piglets!