Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Goddess = Rewards

I must say that those of you who are serving Me right now, who are owned by Me or under consideration to serve Me have pleased Me this week.  And that’s what it’s all about minons, isn’t it?  Pleasing Me, serving Me and adoring Me are the 3 main keys to keeping your BBW Goddess happy!

And since all My slaves and good boys have kept Me happy I have put together a little treat for you!  It’s simple really, keep Me happy with tributes, gift cards and cold hard cash and you get rewarded.  This reward was send via Niteflirt mail to all My boys that are on My customer list.  So if you`re not on My list I suggest you go ahead and buy something, call Me or tribute Me so that you are.  That way in the future you will receive rewards from your Superior Goddess.

So grab your lube, reach in your pants, grab that pathetic insignificant cock and jerk away.  And just as you get to the edge, right there in your total Goddess Bree hypnotic state … grab your balls and squeeze.  No cumming for you, that has to be earned by doing special tasks for your Goddess.  Enjoy your wankfest followed by a ruined orgasm courtesy of Moi!  you welcome!

I’ve decided that after a ton of feedback and begging that I will be making at least 2 more fag aerobics class MP3 pay to views for you aspiring sissys, cocksuckers and twinks!  you all loved the first one and are dying for more classes … remember to stretch first!  If you haven’t bought the first fag aerobics class yet, go buy it!  It is really quite epic.

 Phone lines are on tonight … take advantage bitches!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

I’ll leave you weak, addicted losers with some hot gifts that were bought off My wishlist by a pathetic weakling trying to get My attention.

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