Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stroking, Spending & Holiday Cheer

Christmas is finally over!  I really do love the Holiday season, but I'm exhausted from having so much company in such a short amount of time.  I know that you perverts have wondered where I've been, remember dorks that I have a life ... unlike you.  And you will just have to sit there and wait, stroking your disgusting cocks until I am available.  It's that simple!  And while you're sitting there, waiting for your Goddess ... go make yourself useful and tribute.  A tribute will grab My attention a hell of a lot faster than your pathetic IM's and emails.

So beside having a massive amount of company over the Holidays, Christmas was great!  Everything I could of imagined and more.  I got LOTS of presents from My loved ones, friends and you dorks of course and ate turkey until I burst!  My favorite gift I received is My new Panasonic microwave!  A good boy of mine stepped up and bought it off My wishlist.  I've had My eye on this beauty for a quite some time and it was more than necessary to upgrade.  So good job My pet!

The new year is fast approaching and 2014 is going to be a fantastic year!  I have been slacking when it comes to making clips this past year, but this year I have tons of ideas and you will have the privilege of buying every single one of them!  I will also be filling up My NiteFlirt Store with lots and lots of photo sets, mp3's and games for you perverted wankers!  And last, but certainly not least I will be attending Fetish Con this summer!  That's right wankers ... I will be there in the flesh!  And you of course are paying for My trip there, My accommodations, My meals, My drinks and My spending money!  I haven't decided what tribute options I will be offering for this trip yet, but you boys will be the first to know ... I promise!

That means that you will have to be extra savvy about how you spend your money for the next 7 months.  But don't worry, I will help you with that ... I have lots of ideas to put more of your money in My manicured hands!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Clip

New clip just in time for the Holidays!  Go buy it rejects!

Click To Buy Merry Christmas rejects

Monday, December 23, 2013

Free Christmas Assignment

I am gracing all of you with a free assignment!  Yes, that means that all of you can do it!  It doesn't matter if you are a loyal pet of Mine or just an admirer that follows Me on Twitter, Tumblr, etc ...  Christmas is only 2 days away!  And that means that this will be a festive assignment from your favorite BBW Goddess!

I want a Christmas poem about Me, My greedy ways, My perfect beauty and most importantly how much you adore Me and My demanding ways.  It can be short and sweet or long and creative.  I don't care, except it has to be all about Me!  And don't forget to have a Christmas theme.  A good example would to make it all about presents & cash that I get during the Holidays!  You can even take a Christmas story, poem or song and rewrite it so that it is about Me!  Be creative worms!

Once you have that part complete the next step is to do a photo shoot for Me!  Go buy some clips at My NiteFlirt Store, get your pathetic cock rock hard and dress it up.  you can dress it up like Santa, a snowflake, the Grinch, a reindeer, mistletoe ... anything that is Christmas related.  Now, I want you to put some real thought and creativity into this part!  Surprise Me, make Me laugh and entertain Me.  That's what you were put on this earth to do, so get busy!  you can post your entry in a comment below this post or e-mail them to Me at:

All entries will be featured in a special blog post after Christmas and will be tweeted on My twitter feed so that you can be of some use to Me and make My fellow Domina Sisters laugh at how truly pathetic you are!  'Tis the season to be pathetic!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Only 12 Greedy Opportunities Left & Some Christmas Tribute Porn

There is only 6 days until Christmas!  As most of you know, Christmas is My favorite time of the year.  you all know how much I adore being spoiled and having lots of presents to open on Christmas Day!  So far My Amazon Wishlist has been hit hard by My good boys and a few boys who have remained anonymous by having a drive by wishlist shopping spree!

There are still 12 items left on My wishlist ... only 12 opportunities left for all My good boys, faithful worshipers and loyal minions to make My Christmas a truly Greedy one.  Click the image below to see what these last 12 items are that I desire and clear it!  The best Christmas gift that you could give yourself is making Goddess Bree happy and giving your life purpose by opening up your wallet to a higher power.

 I only allow Amazon Giftcards, so send them to :

And don't forget to put your name in the gift card and for which item (s) it's for.

Here are some gifts that were bought by My minions last week!  Enjoy the tribute porn, I know I did!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get Festive dickwads!

Christmas is My favorite time of the year! And this song by Lady Gaga is #1 on My favorite list right now! Enjoy dickwads!