Friday, September 27, 2013

Buckle Up Fucktards

Good morning fucktards!  I'm finally back from My summer hiatus ... and judging by all the  e-mail's and messages you are desperate to pick right back up where I left off using and abusing you weak minded males.  Since today is Friday, what better way to kick off My return than to make it a Fuck you Over Friday!  I love the sound of that!

I'll make it a very simple Fuck you Over Friday.  All you have to do is $pend!  Easy enough to do and extremely easy for Me piglets.  And anything that is easy for Me is what I want!  Get out that fat wallet of all the money you have saved this summer and start $pending it where it truly belongs.

send it to

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I am super excited!  Niteflirt has finally upgraded their storage space and I can now sell My clips there.  I have put 3 clips on so far and I will have the rest of them up by Sunday, which is just in time for your day of worship to Goddess Bree!  Click below wankers!

Keep your eyes peeled for a contest I will be having starting October 1st.  I will have all the details in My next blog post for you eager pigs.  And the prize, well let's just say it will leave your pathetic dick hard and aching for an entire month.