Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spend Easter Weekend Worshiping Your Favourite BBW Goddess

Happy Easter weekend fuckwits!  your whole weekend should be spent pining over Me, spending all your hard earned cash on Me and hand humping that disgusting piece of flesh while watching all My clips and worshiping Me over and over again by buying up all My content at My store.  I mean, what else do you have to do?  I am the single most important thing in your miserable excuse of an existence.

A must for this holiday weekend is to buy My new Easter Egg Hunt on NiteFlirt.  And since it is 420 today as well, smoke up and start clicking My little hand humping bunnies.  #happy420  Inside this pay to view is 4 golden eggs, some are rewards for you and other's benefit ME.  So it's a win-win for you.  you get to make Me happy and also get rewards.   Happy hunting bitches!

I have had so many of you tiny dicked losers calling Me lately and each and every call is fucking hilarious.  I can't believe that your wives actually stay with you and what you're packing, which is NOTHING.  I even had one shrimp dick beg Me for him to get on cam for Me and show Me what he's not working with.  After I got a few nice gift cards from him I actually let him show Me his lack of manhood.  I guess small penis humiliation was the theme for the past week.  So as a task for this week all of My slaves, male submissives and even you lurkers go and pay your small penis tax!  If your dicklet is 5 inches and below it is imperative that you pay this tax.  LOL  That small piece of flesh dangling between your legs is meaningless anyway so go do something that is worthwhile and benefits Me.  Click below to pay your small nob tax!

Good boys!  My phone lines will be on all night ... take advantage!  Pick up the phone, call Me and wish Me a Happy Easter the proper way ... with your cold hard cash!

Call Me on NiteFlirt
Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Here are a few tribute porn pictures from last week to keep you boys drooling over the fact that I get to spent and do whatever I want with your hard earned ca$h!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Boys Tribute

I love seeing you boys ache for Me, sacrificing everything you have just to have a taste of My perfection.  you really are lucky that I allow you to spend your cold hard cash on Me and you should be thanking Me daily for that privilege!  Before you read any further run along and show your thanks.

Click, Pay, Repeat

That feels better, doesn’t it bitch?  Feeling that money slip from your hands right into My perfectly manicured fingers … Yummy! *pets My good boys on the head in approval

Now as you know Easter is right around the corner and as a extra special Easter treat I have put together a pay to view just for this occasion.  See the image below with the golden eggs in the basket?  Click it!

Click to join My Easter Hunt!
Inside this pay to view are 4 golden eggs. Two of the eggs are rewards for My pets and two of the eggs are rewards for Me. So really it’s a win-win, isn’t it losers? you have the chance to get a reward and you get the privilege to do something for Me! Happy hunting bitches!

I haven’t been around a lot this past week, I’ve been extremely busy living My Goddess life.  Doing things that I want to do and it just wasn’t in the cards for Me being around for you needy bitches.  But from the countless and desperate emails I would say that you’ve missed your Goddess terribly.  Most of you have been mindlessly staring at pictures of My perfect BBW curves and watching My videos over and over again, stroking away.  Going into a Goddess Bree frenzy and even though I haven’t been around, My good boys have been sending their weekly tributes and shopping on My amazon wishlist!  I am a very pleased Goddess!

As you can see, My wishlist has a few new items on it that I want ASAP!  And as always I only accept Amazon Gift Cards which should be emailed to:

The top 6 items are fairly inexpensive and are to be bought right away.  Let’s see which one of you mindless stroking zombies can beat each other in the race to buy them up first.  Ready …. Set …. GO!

One lucky loser did however catch Me a couple of nights ago on Yahoo messenger.  he has had the privilege to buy My Pay To $troke videos before, but as most of you losers that come out of the wood work he paid dearly for his loser strokes and then poof he ran away to lick his wounds after I had thoroughly used and abused his wallet.  This loser had been drinking excessively all day and begged to tribute $50.  But he knows how dangerous it is to watch My videos because one look at My perfection and he just can’t help being a dumb drunk loser and blowing his entire wad for some loser strokes permitted by Me.  So with a drunk dick he asked just to tribute Me.  Ca Ching!  you really are easy prey loser!

I will be around all weekend taking calls on NiteFlirt so get your wallets ready, get your credit card limits increased and take advantage of Me actually allowing all of you contact with Me.  I might even be persuaded to go on cam for the right amount $$$