Thursday, March 27, 2014

Financial Domination Is The Name Of MY Game

It's the eve of My favorite day of the week!  And all you bottom feeders can guess which day is My favorite, right?  For those of you who just can't figure it out, then you haven't been paying close enough attention to My awesomeness.  Tomorrow is Friday and that means PAYDAY!  That's right, My favorite day of the week.  Most of you dorks have been waiting all week for this day, the day where you get the privilege to get on your knees and present that cold hard cash into My perfect hands.

And as a special treat, I am going to be around most of the day tomorrow taking calls on NiteFlirt!  So instead of you just paying your weekly tribute and then crawling off, let's make it interesting.  Pay your weekly tribute, call Me or message Me and I'll have you begging to pay extra!  And I know all the right buttons to press, how to make you feel so completely inferior that you will ache to pay.  That ache will start off very subtle and will grow minute by minute until you are begging for the chance to hand over more and more and MORE money $$$

That's a hot animation of Me playing with the money you worked so hard for!  Everyone of you knows that I have an extreme money fetish and your addiction for Financial Domination by Moi makes it even hotter taking all that is owed to Me.  So get that cash cock ready, get your pay cheque cashed and let's start My favorite day of the week off right!

I've also been generous and made two new Pay To Views on NiteFlirt!  The first one is My Chastity Questionnaire and the second one is called "Are you a sissy?"  Buy them both losers!

Do you dream of being locked up tight by a Superior Goddess such as Myself? Do you spend all your time wanking away and jerking that pathetic little prick? Answer all the questions in this questionnaire and let's see if your teeny tiny shrimp dick needs to be locked up by Me.
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Do you dream of dressing in your cutest girly outfit? Of sucking long and hard on some big juicy cock? Do you feel the urge to wear a sexy panties daily? Take My sissy questionnaire to see if you have what it takes to be a true sissy slut for your Goddess.
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