~Woman is the Dominant Sex.  men have to do all sorts of stuff to prove that they are worthy of a Woman's Attention.  ~

Name:  Goddess Bree
Residence:  Canada
Birthday:  November 5th, 1983
Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio
Height:  5'3"
Shoe Size:  9
Welcome to My Perfect World bitch boy! I am BBW Goddess Bree. A Seductive and Demanding Siren with a body that's built to Manipulate and take Total Control. I was put on this earth to be Idolized, Worshiped and Spoiled and in My Perfect World nothing matters except Me! My wants and desires! And let's face it, you're here for one reason and that's to Serve Me! I am the Goddess you fantasize over and fear, all at the same time. Remember ...
"Worship is My Due and I ALWAYS COLLECT!"
I learned from an early age that I hold all the Power. That a male's brain is My playground that I can stomp through whenever I desire. And all of the inferior males that have had the privilege of crossing My path in their lives, have sub-come to My Royalty and $ paid $ dearly.
In My World of kink, nothing makes My panties wetter then taking what is Rightfully Mine. And that's your hard earned $ money $! My Fetish is Financial Domination. It's really very simple, I enjoy spanking your wallets dry and Owning that ca$h cock! And My natural talent to Own you makes this soooo fucking easy!
What's your pervy Fetish?
Even though MY Kink is Financial Domination I am not limited to it. I love all different Fetishes! Below are all the Fetishes I love making your tiny dicklet hard with. I've taken My Precious time to make up this list ... so PAY ATTENTION dorks!

Call Me Now So I Can Make you Weak For Me
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Ass Worship / Ball Busting / CBT / CFNM / Chastity / Cleavage Worship / Cuckolding / Cum Eating Instructions / Blackmail / Boot Domination / Brat Girl / Breast Worship / Fem Domme / Femdom / POV / Feminization / Financial Domination / Financial Sadist / Fingernail Worship / Foot Worship / Forced Bi / Goddess Worship / Greedy Girl / Guided Masturbation / Hair Worship / Homewrecking / Homewrecker / Human Ashtray / Human ATM / Human Furniture / Humiliation / Hypnosis / Ignore / Jerk Off Instructions / Keyholding / loser Tasks / Mind Fuckery / Money Domme / Orgasm Control / Orgasm Denial /Pantyhose Fetish / Panty Training / pay pig Training / Public Humiliation / Ruined Orgasms / Slapping / slave Assignment / Spanking / slut Training / Sadistic Dominatrix / Small Penis Humiliation / Sissy Training / Stocking Fetish / Shoe Fetish / Smoking Fetish / Strap On / sub Training / Superior Female / Tease & Denial

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