Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Calling All Foot Freaks! You Have Permission To Drool & Spoil My Goddess Feet!


That's a heart stopping, dick throbbing picture, isn't it boys?  My thick shaped legs are one of My favorite features about Myself!  They're smooth, strong, tempting and so undeniably curvy!  Mmmm!  But My absolute favorite feature of My curvaceous body are My feet.  They are actually kind of famous!  I would say that 90% of My pets are intrigued and enchanted by My perfect feet.  A lot of them were drawn to Me because of My tempting soles and others have been mesmerized by them time and time again.Since they are delectably epic, they deserve nothing but the best!  To be worshiped, spoiled and pampered.  And what an honor and a privilege that is when one of My foot lickers get that chance.  And I know that you are almost foaming at the mouth right now, aren't you foot freak?  you're sitting there, praying for the chance to spoil My Goddess soles with a new pair of shoes, a tribute for a pedicure, some new nail polish from My Amazon Wish List.  I'm going to be extra generous and grant you that wish.  Go ahead, make yourself useful and spoil My perfect peds!

Click the Amazon Wishlist button above to view My Wishlist!  I only accept gift cards to purchase items off My wishlist, if you wish to buy Me an item off of there make sure you include your name in the gift card and the gift you want to spoil Me with!  Gift cards can be sent to My e-mail:

If you are craving to pay for a pedicure for My Goddess feet, click one of the NiteFlirt tribute
buttons above.  I'll even give you a hint, I like a pedicure every week to keep My sensational feet looking and feeling their best!

 Snap to it!  I know, the perfection is almost too much to bear!  your welcome foot freaks!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week has been super busy, but I've still managed to rape a couple of wallets, humiliate some losers and get inside your puny little brains!  But still, the shortage of male takeovers has left Me in an particularly greedy mood.  And since I am in a particularly greedy mood that means only one thing ... #SundayWorship!

For those of you pea brains that have never had the privilege of opening up your wallets on a Sunday Worship then you are in for a treat.  Every once and awhile I feel the urge to drain you financially, mentally and physically and today is THAT day!

CLICK HERE and click any one of the options to Worship!  I will have you on your knees bowing to My perfectly manicured feet instantly.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calling All losers!

I've made an epic 6 part series of clips recently called Pay To $troke!  Let's face it, you don't get to stroke your inferior cocks normally.  you boys are addicted to paying for your strokes and it is a privilege to do so.  Nothing makes your ca$h cocks harder then to say those few glorious words, "Please Goddess, may I pay to $troke!"  And let's face it, you were born to pay for those piggy strokes!

See that sexy animation of Me above losers?  I bet that makes your dick hard and your wallet jump, doesn't it?  I'm going to allow you to pay to $troke, click the Buy Now button below to start your excessive hand humping losers!

Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through