Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hot New Chastity Clip - I Hold The Key

This clip has been on My to-do list for awhile now, but you all know that I am procrastinator so I'm just getting around to it now.  As you can see by the generous animation I have included above, this clip is HOT!  Shot in stunning High Definition 1080p and all of you little shrimp dick boys who dream of being locked up tight in chastity by Me will fall in love and in a trance as I tease and taunt you with the key to your chastity device.  Click the NiteFlirt button below to buy it!

Buy from BBW Goddess Bree through Niteflirt.com

I've allowed a couple of new boys to Worship Me this week.  My newest sissy faggot foot sniffer contacted Me last night.  she was dressed in her best, black panties, black pantyhose and black pumps and was craving for Me to force her to sniff My sweaty feet.  I had just got home from the gym so My feet were extra sweaty in My gym sneakers from having an intense workout.  So the lucky little faggot got her wish.

dirt bag pig has gone MIA again ... not that that's surprising.  he comes begging to be humiliated and degraded by Me and to Worship My heavenly feet and then when he has spent a considerable amount he runs  away with his tail between his legs, goes and licks his wounds.  But he'll be back, he always comes crawling back because he just can't stand to live his miserable life without Me and My perfect feet.  See you soon reject!

you boys have seriously been slacking with My wishlist this week.  I only received two presents this week and there is lots on there left to purchase.  So get busy boys and try to make an impression.  If you are a new boy trying to get into My good graces My wishlist is a perfect place to start!  I only accept gift cards, which you should all know by now.  And they are to be mailed to:


So start spending and buy your Goddess something nice!  Remember ... first impressions are key when properly introducing yourself!  Here are a few pictures that I graced your with on Twitter this week.  Chow for now dorks.

Wishlist present bought by???

My newest italian slave paid for My shopping spree this week!  Lots of goodies for Me!

Smokey Goddess eyes!

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