Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free Humiliation Assignment For Submissive Males

Happy #HumpDay losers!  It's not very often that I give out anything free, it's actually unheard of!  But today I'm feeling generous.  I want all of My good boys and slave's to complete this task and any other lurkers who want to do it can as well.

Clear your schedule's today wankers because you will be edging for Me ALL DAY!  Teasing your worthless cocks is something that I love to do.  My power over you is immense and just by the flick of My gorgeous long locks, the evil grin on My face or one stare at My perfect cleavage will have your brain turned to mush in seconds.

The task for today is that you edge 3 times an hour for 8 hours straight.  If you are at work then you will be making 3 trips to the bathroom today for the whole day or keeping your office door locked all day so that you can complete this task.  There is tons of jerking material on My website so sniff around and find it all.  you are also allowed to buy My clips of course at My NiteFlirt Store or by Goody Bags.

The humiliation part of this task is fairly simple.  you are to write "Goddess Bree" on your cock or body and take a picture that you are completing My edging task.  And submitting it to Me through email:

Good luck losers and enjoy your free humiliation assignment.  your balls are going to be purple by the end of eight hours and you will be begging for release.  But for that to happen you all know that you are going to have to ask permission from Moi!

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