Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some Update About My Perfect Life

This blog post is WAY overdue!!  But since you boys have been made to wait that can only mean one thing … hard insignificant dicks and your wallets standing at attention!  Just how I like My weak submissive males.

This past week and a half has been extremely busy.  As most of you know I made a rare appearance on cam two weekends ago and I had so much fun raping wallets and teasing you boys into a mindfucking frenzy that I think I will be making an appearance at least once a month!  Maybe even twice a month if those wallets open up nice and wide!

One of My newer foot slaves (who hasn’t quite earned the privilege of being mentioned by name yet) had his very first cam session with Me.  It was a life changing event for him to say the least.  Foot slave got the honor to be teased almost into a coma by My strong, thick legs and creamy feet on cam.  And the best part was that it just so happened I was wearing his favourite shinny opaque pantyhose that night!  payslut got the honor of maxing out his credit card by opening up ever single pay to view I sent him while on cam with Me.  The expression on his face was priceless when he saw the zero’s increase each time! haha :0  payslut, being the eager little wanker he actually thought that if he paid enough I would let him cum #DENIED 

Here's a quick snapshot of Me on cam!  See what some of you missed out on.

Since My perfect feet are the hot topic right now, I decided to be generous and do a photo shoot of them.  All My foot fetish boys, foot slaves, foot junkies and just My boys who admire every inch of My Goddess body can buy that photoset.  Click then Buy Now button below!

Here's a little teazer of My amazing photoset!
I have been getting tons and TONS of applications to serve Me from you dorks lately.  you fucktards really need to read the rules before you apply.  I mean, how hard is that?  Read, obey and the submit.  Three simple things for you idiots to do and most of you manage to fuck it up every single time.  If you do not follow the easy rule of sending a tribute along with your application I will automatically delete your application.  I do not waste My time reading them if there aren’t $$$ signs along with it.

I will be shooting clips on Friday!  I know how much you love to buy and buy and buy My clips.  So far I think I will doing a Forced Intox clip, Blackmail Clip, Mind Control Clip, Keyholding Clip and of course a Tease & Denial Clip featuring My new dress that jerkoffjohn just bought off My wishlist.

I can't wait to slip this sexy outfit on so that I can tease you dorks!

If you would like to order a custom clip make sure you submit your request before Friday!  Send requests to:

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