I have a few current piggy positions open in My Goddess Realm.  All positions are focused on Financial Domination.  Now, listen very carefully!  To be allowed to fill one of these positions is an honor and something you must work for.  I do not tolerate any disobedience, slacking or half-assed work.  Keeping this in mind, you must be a hard working piglet and eager to please Me with every thought or task that pops into My head.  All pay pigs, cash cocks, money slaves and fat wallets who are craving to fill any of the below positions send Me an e-mail with the position you are begging to apply for and why I should pick you.  Once you have e-mailed Me and I have deemed you worthy of filling the position, then I will give you the amount you are to $pend on Me per week.  Put a lot of effort in your e-mail and maybe, just maybe if you oink really loud, I might let you fill the slot!  Send your applications to:


Open Positions!

Human ATM
This piggy position is really self explanatory, but for you fucktards out there who don’t know … being My human ATM is exactly like being a real ATM.  your role is to follow orders, when I demand cold, hard cash from you, you supply it.  My own personal ATM – now that is a true piggy honor!  The reward for this position is simply the fact that I relieve you of your hard earned money and you get the chance to thank Me for it after it goes in My account.  Some tasks that I may give My human ATM is:  paying the bill when I go out to eat, tributing $100 just because I am feeling greedy or maybe a chance to be wallet raped by Me via webcam if you are an extra good piglet!

Shoe Shopping slave
This position is for one of My foot worshiping piggy’s!  your task as My shoe shopping slave is a simple one … SHOES!  I love shoes, dream of shoes and love to be surrounded by shoes.  And your role is to supply Me with them weekly!  I will put together a special Wishlist just for this position.  Once it is filled with tons and TONS of heavenly shoes, your task is to buy them each week.  My Wishlist will have every kind of shoe, from pumps to sneakers.  The number of shoes that a piggy will purchase per week will depend on My mood and what I am desiring!  The reward will be exclusive pictures of My Goddess feet in the new shoes and from time to time a short video of Me strutting around in My new shoes.

Financial Cuckold
This position is for cuckold’s only!  This position is purely to please Me and My Man (who is to be called the Prince).  Some tasks you may have will be to pay for our date night out, purchase things that We desire from My Cuckolding Wishlist or to be responsible for paying for our bedroom necessities!  The reward is knowing that you have fulfilled your duty in pleasing Us!

Drive-By piggy
I will be taking anywhere from 1-50 piggy’s for this position, which is to do nothing but what you were born to do and that is to $pend!  Nothing makes Me happier and more pleased than a nice, big, fat drive-by tribute!

Canadian cash pet
This position is for Canadian cash pets only!  Since I am Canadian, it is only fitting that I have a cash pet that is Canadian as well.  Tasks for this position is tributes, filling up My Tim Hortons card for the month and purchasing items off My Canadian Wishlist.  The reward for this task is exclusive photos of Me and a short video from time to time.