Thursday, January 3, 2013


My Christmas was fantastic!  :)  Family, friends, drinks and presents!  And all you horny perverts sent Me loads of gifts and I've received almost all of them.  Those of you that thought that it wasn't important to send My gifts First Class Mail ... tsk, tsk tsk!

Financial Domination when Serving Me means that I get what I want, when I want it! 

And the fact that you didn't do what a proper slave should, means that you're disobedient and you need to learn your place again.  I'll be very clear though, I do not give second chances, you have to earn them.  So start thinking up ways that you can get back under My Superior Rule!
While I was out today I did stop and pick up My parcels at UPS that have been there since Christmas.  I've just been too busy with the Holiday's to pick them up.  These are the result of dirt bag pig's wallet taking a beating from Moi!

Is your wallet still sore dirt bag pig?  Haha!  your addiction to My BBW Feet is only just beginning fucktard.  I have a Pedicure booked for next week and I know a certain pig will be squealing for those pictures.  And the fact that you get the honor of paying more for My pictures makes it even more delicious!

Keep your eyes glued to My website on New Years Eve slut puppies!  I will be posting a short little video to ring in the New Year 

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