Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Dough Just Keeps Rolling In! Good boys!

I've been slacking with the blog posts, but that's what happens when you live a Goddess Life like Mine :D  I've had a great past week.  The dough just keeps rolling in from you slut puppies!  Just the way I like it and when I'm pleased by My minions they get My Divine Attention!  And for My really good boys ... well, they get little rewards from their Goddess!

Seems like dirt bag pig had a MASSIVE craving for My BBW Goddess Feet the other weekend.  The last I heard from it was just before Christmas when I drained it of all the money it had saved for it's wife's Christmas present.  That was a delicious couple of days if I do say so Myself!!  So just after New Years, dirt bag pig started his desperate tweeting.  Begging for a chance to buy some pictures of My Beautiful Feet!

Remember this picture dirt bag pig?


you had to pay $15 dollars for it and now I'm posting it for free!  Haha!  Oh, I almost forgot, dirt bag pig was so struck by My Perfection that it even snuck away from it's wife and out to the garage to call Me and profess it's total addiction to Me and say some adoring words.  *pets piggy on the head*

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