Friday, December 21, 2012

Green Christmas

The countdown is on My little money elves!  Christmas is just around the corner and just as I anticipated the ca$h just keeps coming and coming ... right into My Perfectly manicured hands!  I have been out shopping all week and My philosophy is:  for every present that I buy for My family and friends, I buy one for Myself :)  So that means I have been super spoiled this week!  And the harder I burn through your money, the harder you have to tribute!

Today I have just been lounging around and playing some xbox!  Really just taking some time to recuperate from all that $pending, plus it is a full scale blizzard here and I'm not going out in that.  I love sitting by the fire place and watching the snow fall while you pay pigs are working overtime to at your loser jobs securing that My big fat Christmas bonus will be delivered Christmas Day!  Oh, I also treated Myself to a manicure yesterday ... pink My fav color!  Which loser boy dave got the honor of paying for.  As you can see in the picture below My funds took a real pounding from all that $pending!

That means it's time for My slaves to step it up and pay up!  I know that nothing makes your tiny dicklets harder than putting your money to good use.
Financial Domination by Goddess Bree is a privilege, not a right.  If you think that I will take on just any fucking pathetic pig that comes breezing in ... think again.  you must earn it and prove your worth.

This little package is what I found this morning when I went out to get My mail ... sitting right beside My door.

This is not the first gift for My Perfect Peds that has been sitting outside My door.  This secret foot admirer is actually My neighbor.  he just can't get enough of My Goddess feet and loves to spoil them!  I might just flash him a glimpse of My soft heel next time I get into My car.

My new Assignment Lose your Dignity To Make Me Happy is a new hot way to make more money for Me.  Go buy it piglets!

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And while you're at it .... Stuff My Stocking this Christmas!

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Bye losers!

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