Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My #1 Rule

Last week was an extremely busy week for Me.  So I haven't had the time to be taking many calls.  That being said, Mr. ATM rang My Financial Domination line last night.  Two hours later Mr. ATM left My Heavenly presence drained and thanking Me!  Just the way all My pets should behave when I am finished with them.  Respect is the number 1 Rule!

Remember, only My best pets get mentioned on My blog.  you really have to do something earth shattering to grab My attention and get the privilege of being mentioned here.  And by that, I mean Tribute, Spend or Send a Gift Card.  And then prove your worth to Me.  It's simple enough!  All the time wasters that have been beating down My door, you've left with your pathetic tails between your legs.
A couple of photos from this week ...


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