Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bend Over boys ... I'm Back!


Hello My slaves!  It has been a whopping 1 year and 11 months since I have last posted on this blog ... actually it's been that long since I've actively been using and abusing you guys.  

Did you miss me?? 

Where have I been you ask?  Well that's really none of your fucking business, but I'm in a good mood today so I'll give you a brief snippet of the last almost 2 years of My Goddess life.

So what have I been up to?  Well ... I've been out living My life on your dime of course!  My most loyal and obedient slaves have gotten the privilege to keep in touch with me and of course be used thoroughly throughout this time.  I've done a lot of traveling, laid on beautiful beaches and of just lived the Goddess life that I am supposed to.

But lucky for you drooling pervs I am back!  My Niteflirt phone lines are on and I am ready to pick right up where I left off.  And I am going to enjoy every last second of trampling on your dignity and mind fucking you into oblivion.  

How can a slave get My attention??

It's easy really ... get your disgusting dork dick hard ... send a nice big tribute to introduce yourself ... stroke ... go and buy up some of my videos, photo sets, audios and assignments ... stroke some more while browsing those ... go to My Niteflirt page ... stroke ... and call Me!  

For you idiots who find it really difficult to find all of these tasks follow the instructions below by clicking the buttons.

Get ready ... set ... GO!

Tribute Goddess Bree

 Go buy videos, picture sets, audios and assignments by visiting My Pay To View Store!

Now call Me with your dork dick in your hand!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

That cash cock is going to get so hard just knowing you get the privilege to pay to speak to a Superior BBW Goddess like Me! 

Stay glued to this blog for some upcoming new Goody Bags.

Bye dorks! 💰

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  1. Oh my god! You're back Goddess!!! I can't wait for you to make fun of my teeny tiny pecker and laugh while you take my money for having to listen to me be pathetic.