Monday, July 27, 2015

Back From Vacation Boys

That's right bitches ... I'm back!  After taking some much needed R&R and vacations I am back.  Get ready to be mindfucked into oblivion, drained completely and left with a nice pair of blue balls!  I'm back and more greedy then ever slaves.

All of you have missed Me, when I decided to log back on there were countless emails, instant messages and gifts from you pathetic boys.  I'm going to be honest, I skimmed through most of them.  Only opening up the messages that included money and gifts from you bottom feeders.  If you have been slacking or just want to spoil your Goddess then you know what to do.  And for all of you that doesn't know or that are new and are drooling to pay homage to Me or get My attention then click below.

So what's new with your Goddess?  Everything of course!  My fast paced lifestyle is nothing but AMAZING!  But you of course will have to pay to hear any juicy tidbits about My fabulous life.  I logged on for the first time in forever last night and who was there to greet Me but My number #1 loser.  I don't think I've wrote about him before, probably because he isn't worth writing about haha.  I don't even know his name, it's not important though, he is just known as loser to Me.  Plain and simple just like him.  loser is actually really boring and pathetic but once and awhile when the drinks are flowing he actually entertains Me well.

loser pays for every mistake that he makes of course.  When he goes out for a smoke he pays for My time, when he fucks up and just is an idiot he pays and he also get's opportunities to pay for Mine and the Master's nights out from time to time.  Last night he told Me the newest entertaining tidbit of info on him.  See loser has never been able to have sex about 99% of the time because every time he's about to (which is rarely) his pathetic excuse of a dick goes limp.  Haha!  That's right girls, don't even bother with this bottom feeder ... his tiny dick won't even stand at attention.

But wait ... there's more!  loser told Me that the very first time he tried to have sex he lost his gross hard on and the girl laughed at him.  Then she told everyone the next day about it, adding to the story that he was gay!  Bravo loser!  your first time was a true success!

Think you can be even more pathetic then My number #1 loser ... give Goddess a call on NiteFlirt and tell Me your pathetic stories, followed by a nice BIG tribute for My time and the fact that I have to listen to your pathetic stories.  Oh and just a FYI losers ... My NiteFlirt lines are going to be a dick throbbing $4.99 per minute for the rest of the summer!  MUAH!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on


  1. Everything Goddess wrote about me is true. I've handed over thousands of dollars to her and she has abused me and humiliated me in countless ways. I am truly pathetic. Thankfully I can serve a purpose by being used by Goddess. And no, my pathetic dick doesn't work for sex :(

  2. Thanks for making me pay You for making fun of me in your blog goddess

  3. I knew you'd love to be humiliated loser ... you're just too pathetic and everyone needed to know it!

  4. Yes Goddess :(

  5. I praise your wisdom almighty goddess!