Thursday, June 8, 2017

Over $1k Of Draining

It didn't take long at all for Me to start receiving tributes, calls and adoring e-mail's after I sent out a special Niteflirt message to you losers stating that I was back and ready to make an impact on your meaningless lives.  If the lurkers on My blog haven't gotten a Niteflirt account yet then you're missing out on all the details of Me and My perfect life.  Sign up HERE and you'll receive 3 minutes free of talk time with Me, but that's the only thing that you'll receive free!

As I was saying though ... the e-mail's poured in within seconds!  you dorks really did miss Me controlling you.  Now, I don't write about just anything on here ... you have to make a really big impact as a slave to earn a spot on My blog.  And only one of you earned that spot so far this week and her name is sissy slut!

This slutty sissy came crawling to Me mere seconds after My e-mail was sent out on Niteflirt begging to be drained by Me!  


Begging and pleading to be My good little sissy again, but this time she wanted to be fully owned by Me.  To have TOTAL control over her life and paycheck!  And luckily I was in the mood to make My bank account grow at her expense.

After buying many, MANY pay to view mails and sissy slut handing over all the juicy information I know own her sissy ass!  I have all the power and she is at My mercy.  sissy slut went right to work that night buying up a large chunk of My Goody Bags while I slept and kept begging for Me to take more of her paycheck the next day.  Ending off with a lovely $100 tribute for Me and My alpha male to go to supper!

Now drained and penniless until next pay, sissy slut is happy to be owned by Me and serving Me again.  And the grand total for about 24 hours of being drained by Me is ...

Over $1k

I believe the exact total is $1, 300 dollars into My back account!  Good gurl!

If you have the intense urge to be owned by BBW Goddess Bree and love Financial Domination then go ahead and introduce yourself!

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

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  1. I am very lucky to have the honour of paying for My humiliation. Thank You, Goddess Bree!