Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Only 12 Greedy Opportunities Left & Some Christmas Tribute Porn

There is only 6 days until Christmas!  As most of you know, Christmas is My favorite time of the year.  you all know how much I adore being spoiled and having lots of presents to open on Christmas Day!  So far My Amazon Wishlist has been hit hard by My good boys and a few boys who have remained anonymous by having a drive by wishlist shopping spree!

There are still 12 items left on My wishlist ... only 12 opportunities left for all My good boys, faithful worshipers and loyal minions to make My Christmas a truly Greedy one.  Click the image below to see what these last 12 items are that I desire and clear it!  The best Christmas gift that you could give yourself is making Goddess Bree happy and giving your life purpose by opening up your wallet to a higher power.

 I only allow Amazon Giftcards, so send them to :

And don't forget to put your name in the gift card and for which item (s) it's for.

Here are some gifts that were bought by My minions last week!  Enjoy the tribute porn, I know I did!

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