Friday, April 12, 2013

My Style Will Rock your gurly world

After taking some inventory of the dweebs that I allow to Worship at My Goddess Altar I have decided that I need more sissy's!  There's nothing quite like having a sissy to Worship My Perfection and strive to pretty much be Me.  But I am looking for a certain type of sissy in particular.  This sissy needs to LOVE sexy and stylish clothes just like I do because the sissy I wish to acquire is going to be My shopping sissy!  Every Girl needs a sissy gurl to shop with ... actually, you won't be shopping with Me.  But you will be shopping for Me!

That's right!  My new sissy(s) will be My Wishlist shopping slave!  I will of course pick out what I want and they will buy it for Me.  And once My pantyhose, dress, jewelry, shoes, etc ... have been purchased by My little sissy slut, they can then purchase the exact same thing for themselves.  That's actually very generous of Me!  And if you've done a really good job buying Me all that I desire I may even allow you to put on a fashion show!

Answer the questions and submit the answers in an e-mail via Niteflirt 

  1. Name:
  2. E-mail Address: 
  3. Why would you love to be My wishlist shopping sissy?

And don't forget a tribute or gift card with your application gurls!

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