Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Sadistic Side

Upon first contact with Me all of My submissives, slaves and minions know that I am a firm Goddess who Demands impeccable Servitude almost immediately.  For the boys that Serve Me well and are all around "good boys" they also know that I reward good behaviour from My pets!  I do however have a sadistic side that most of you are not aware of and when My sadistic side comes out to play I enjoy your suffering immensely!
Last week My sadistic side came out to play when dirt bag pig came sniffing around, it's disgusting pig nose to the ground, , Pig smileysbegging Me to degrade, humiliate and drain it.  With an evil smile on My Goddess face I started sending PTV, after PTV with pictures of My Perfect feet to My disgusting oinker!  dirt bag pig, after a lot of whining,  has now accepted it's fate and now knows it's purpose in life.  To submit to My Greed whenever I say!

dirt bag pig's spending spree continued on for a few days which consisted of opening every PTV I sent it, sending amazon cards whenever I demanded and a 30 minute phone session where it Worshiped Me, Prayed to Me and punched itself in the disgusting piggy balls over and over and over again, every time it edged to My Perfect feet.

These are a few Tributes My oinker left over it's 3 day clicking frenzy:

Maybe if the rest of you piglets spark My interest enough and catch Me in the right kind of mood, My sadistic side might just come out to play!

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