Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The month of November has been crazy busy!!  But in between My hectic schedule I have been doing the usual Goddess things!  Shopping, getting My manicure's, pedicures and abusing losers.  I have a newbie addict that bought My slave application the other night ... and let's just say, this fucktard is beyond stupid.  I've deemed him worthy of the name dirt bag pig and so far he has more than lived up to his slave name.  After making some very stupid mistakes while he was begging for Me to humiliate and degrade him, dirt bag pig had to pay dearly for his fuck up's.  Two loser assignments and two Amazon Gift Cards later he's almost ready to begin his servitude to Goddess Bree.

First assignment:  Write, "I am easy prey for Goddess Bree," 50 times.  So like a good little piggy he did it, but had to get up at in the middle of the night so that he's wife didn't catch him.  Haha!  Followed by a Gift Card for Moi!

As you can see ... dirt bag pig didn't put enough effort into this task.  $25 Amazon Gift Card?  His attempt was as pathetic as he is.

Second assignment:  I gave him a chance to try harder.  That's a little better piggy.

Third assignment:  I sent him a Delicious picture of My Goddess Feet after I had been dancing with no shoes on last night.  dirt bag pig's assignment was to edge all day to the picture until it hurt.  And then thank Me for the privilege the proper way.

But guess what dirt bag pig, there is still one very pressing matter that has not been attended to.  Sunday's assignment has not been completed.  you know exactly what I'm talking about fucktard.  I gave you strict instructions and you forgot the most important one.  Go do it NOW!  Then you can start serving My Perfection and My Divine Feet!  And I can start the laughing at how fucking dumb you really are!  Pay up scumbag!

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