Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Coming ...

It's coming ... November 5th ... the most IMPORTANT day of the year!  That's right rejects, only 16 more days until My Birthday!  I've already started to receive gifts, tributes and ca$h from some slaves of Mine!  Mark it on the calendar, put a reminder in your phone and etch it in your puny submissive brain!  November 5th is the most important day of your miserable little life losers!

I've even been extra generous with you bottom feeders this year.  I took time out of My busy schedule and actually made a PTV for you to click for My Birthday!  Click it once, twice, three times and celebrate My Birthday the way that I desire.  you're nothing to Me without your wallet ... but you already know that.  you beg, oink and grovel for the privilege to pay for My extravagant life, like the mindless drone's that you are.  I always get My way and that's just how I like it!  Below is a pretty button with a birthday cake made of money, a crown and the words in bright pink letters, "Happy Birthday To Me!!!".  Stare at it, hover your mouse over it, get on your knees and CLICK!  It's that easy and once you start clicking, you just can't stop ... can you puppets?

 Beside My upcoming Birthday and all the preparations for that special day going on, I have managed to find time to play with some of My minions in between.  I had a very satisfying wallet rape last night with a brand new caller on Niteflirt.  We'll just call him foot licker for now because he isn't even close to earning a name from Me yet.  foot licker has been admiring My feet on Twitter and My website for quite some time now.  he professed his love for My perfect feet over and over again and begged to pay for such beauty.  After telling him to tribute again and again, I told foot licker that he didn't deserve anymore attention or deserve to profess his love for My feet at such a low price.  I hung up on him and then raised the rate to a sexy $4.99 per minute.  10 seconds later My phone was ringing and foot licker was begging Me to raise the rate higher because he didn't deserve such a cheap price per minute for the divine honor and privilege of professing his love for My feet.  $700 later ... I sent foot licker away to lick his wounds.

My reject, who I refer to as dirt bag pig, also got to have a mini Goddess Bree marathon last week.  This pig is a complete waste of space and has an extreme addiction for My perfect Goddess soles.  I send him single picture of My heavenly feet for a low price of $25 a picture and like the mindless drone that he is he pays it and begs for more.  I recently made a mini series of 4 amazing videos, some of My feet and other pretty much telling him what an utter loser he is.  Four 2 minute clips @ $50 a pop!  What a deal pig!  Do you want to know what the funniest part of this whole thing is?  dirt bag pig doesn't even like Financial Domination.  In fact, he hates it!  Hahaha!  The mini marathon ended as it usually does, with the reject hiding from it's wife in the bathroom while on the phone with Me while punching itself in the disgusting pig balls over and over and over and over again, trying to entertain Me.
dirt bag pig hiding in the bathroom stall at work, on it's knees, punching itself in the disgusting pig balls while edging to My perfect feet!

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