Sunday, May 5, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation - Small Nob Tax

There is nothing more hilarious than you pathetic wankers with your tiny little dicklets.  And even though I get a good laugh and what you're lacking downstairs, the fact that you are so miniscule and pathetic means that you have to pay for your ... errr ... short cummings lol!  So for all you lurkers, Goddess Bree addicts and My pets who fall short in My world, which is any dicklet under 8 inches, you get the privilege of paying the $50 small nob tax. 
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So look down your pants and let's see if you measure up to My standards.  Along with your small nob tax I want a picture of your pathetic little dicklet, which are to be sent to My Niteflirt e-mail.  I am going to be putting up a special page, The Wall of Shame, on this website shortly.  So chop chop teeny, tiny weenies ... pay your tax and send in those hilarious pictures and let's see if you make the cut! 
For small penis humiliation (sph) over the phone with Moi you have permission to call Me.
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Chow for now minions!

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